Jimmy Green Junior Tour

Jimmy Green Tour Point System

2020 Points System and Awards 

The three players with the lowest scores in each division at an event will receive awards.

Award winners must be present to accept prizes at the event.

Points will be awarded to all players who complete their round, which will accumulate during each tour season to establish the Jimmy Green Junior Golf Tour Champions for each division. See below for Championship information.

In the event of ties the following tie-breaker rules will be in force:

  1. First place ties will be broken by putting playoff for Ages 16-18, 13-15 and 11-12. If darkness or weather becomes a factor the Tournament Director may elect to conduct a scorecard playoff.
  2. All other ties for 10 & Under Ages will be determined by best hole scores counting back from the last hole, i.e. best score on #9 for 9-hole events.

If an event is shortened due to inclement weather or darkness, winners will be determined by counting only the number of holes played by the last group in that division.

No points will be awarded for an event if the last group in the division has not completed at least 33% of the holes.


Points will be awarded as follows:

1st 100 points 

2nd 80 points

3rd 70 points

4th 65 points

5th 60 points

6th 55 points

7th 50 points

8th 45 points

9th 40 points

10th 35 points

11th 30 points

12th 25 points

13th 20 points

14th 15 points

15th 10 points

1st Place Tie Breakers are used to award the 100 points. Remaining Ties will receive a split percentage of the points. 

All other players in a division who have completed their rounds will be awarded 5 points.

The Tour may designate some events to award points multipliers.

Points will be calculated, but no points will be awarded Championship status in the Boys and Girls Developmental "B" Divisions ages 11-12 and 10 & Under. CHANGE FOR 2020 and beyond - a Tour "B" Champion will now be awarded.

Season Championship

The total points leaders from the divisions below will play in a Season Championship event with double points awarded at the event. The Season Championship is designed attract all golfers to play. It will have awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd IN ADDITION to the Tour Championship.

  • Boys 16-18
  • Girls 16-18
  • Boys 13-15
  • Girls 13-15
  • Boys/Girls 11-12 A
  • Boys/Girls 11-12 B
  • Boys/Girls 10 & Under A
  • Boys/Girls 10 & Under B

The event will offer the Season Champion Award after the winner is determined following the points calculation.